Taxi EDI provides you with excursions that can be organized for a small or large group of people, including in regard to their hobbies and interests. This means that we are able to completely customize the location of your interest, length of trip or date. This type of trip is organized to meet the expectations of people who want to visit our beautiful coastline, mountains and historic sites.

 N.P. Plitvice


Plitvice National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in the country, and certainly the most famous. His exceptional value was recognized by the whole world and put the Plitvice Lakes on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Many rivers, waterfalls and lakes provide every visitor experience true nature. Millions of visitors that have visited Plitvice are always returning because this natural harmony stay in them is unique and rare in the world.

The park includes the spring of the Korana River in the area surrounded by dense forests of beech, fir and smrekeWith lakes and forests, the Park is ornamented with several caves, springs, flower meadows, and among the many rare wildlife species such as the brown bear.

Possible activities in the park: walking, hiking, riding an electric train and boat, shooting, cycling, skiing, boating ..

A trip through Istria



Very interesting places you can visit, such as Lim, looks like the Norwegian fjords with a representative offer of fish dishes, then Pazin, the old town with its famous cave, and Hum, the smallest town in the world, Grožnjan, a picturesque village with an artistic soul and good wines, Motovun old town fortress with beautiful narrow streets and rich cuisine, Dvigrad- forgotten historical city near Kanfanar ..

Cave Baredine

At the beginning of the nineties begin concrete it was reconstructed and since May 1995 has been opened to visitors. In the next few years is regulated by the infrastructure, which creates conditions for improving the quality of visitors stay in the cave and around it.

Since the first studies in 1973 until the present day cave further investigated with the aim of finding new premises and collected surface ceramics in clay sediments, indicating a distant entry and stay of man in the homonymous cave, and therefore is also investigated and underground fauna.

Jama cave is the first speleological also geomorphological natural monument in Istria evaluated for visiting tourists.

Postojna cave

A marvelous intertwining of tunnels, galleries and halls, variety of karst phenomena breathtaking and its accessibility are the main reasons for the exceptional popularity and visits to the Postojna Cave, which is 200 years already hosted 35 million visitors.

Postojna cave is without doubt the most famous tourist cave in the world. The biggest tourist attraction of Slovenia and one of the largest karst monuments in the world. About Postojna Cave has written many books and contributions; over 200 years caused more than 100 tourist guides.